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About the "" history and store

In The Beginning

Two men had the idea to throw a party for their friends which were getting married. It was meant as a joke to have a sex toy party. However, everyone was so amazed by the quality of the items.

The People Who Work For You

Our personal mission is to provide high quality and fair priced sexual commodities to the world with full access to the most discrete and secure internet distributing service available.

Moving Forward

We are a small but, growing company focusing on providing for your needs to the best of our abilities. Like the items we sell, we are here to serve your satisfaction not take advantage of your wallet.


After doing intensive research on competitors they knew that with proper positioning there would be a future in this venture:

  • CEO from Dorchester, MA, USA
  • Established 2010, Palm Coast, FL, USA
  • Following the American Dream
  • 2013 is a new beginning

Since the dissolution of the original members in 2012, a new team has been formed. The old, out of focus, SEO non-compliant website has been transformed into the wonderful 2015 version. Thanks to the development of the new members and continued support of loyal customers.

Dedicated Staff

Like our products, our staff is here to serve your satisfaction not empty your wallet. They might be employed by us but, they work for you.

  • Continuing education
  • Immediate support
  • Employment for all
  • Making fun out of work

Both the original members grew up with humble and meager surroundings so, they can appreciate trying to achieve more out of life. That is why they do not discriminate in any fashion, whether it be race, religion, sex, intelligence, etc. This may not be Utopia but it's really close.

Customer Needs

One of our motto is, "What good is having something to share if you have no one to share it with"? In short, what is a business without customers?

  • What does the customer want
  • How can we provide it
  • How can we improve your experience
  • We are happy when you are happy

We try to provide the best service and highest quality products for a price you like. We have most of the world's major name brand. The majority of which are 30% less than our competitors. By negotiating exclusive promotions we can extend the saving to our customers.

If you build it, they will come. Build it well, they will keep coming

Thank you again whether you are a first time visitor / customer or a returning member. This is not just our company but, yours too. Fell free to give any feedback in our blog or e-mail us at Have fun looking through our products and using them.