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The Womanizer With Air Pleasure

The Womanizer was invented in 2013 by the inspiring minds of Michael and Brigitte Lenke from the beautiful city of Lower Bavaria, Germany. It was claimed that many women had problems with orgasms and the Lenke’s wanted to change the future of a women’s dilemma. After several months of intense research, Michael determined that the sex toys industry was stagnant in their progressive initiative. The world needed an Einstein of adult sextoys to make a modern day break though. In other words, “most sex toys focused solely on vaginal stimulation, while it was common knowledge that most women experience primarily clitoral orgasms”. This led to the couple’s forward thinking and the ​​Womanizer with Pleasure Air Technology was created to transform a women’s sexual ambitions.

“Pleasure Air Technology is a form of non-contact intense wave massage, which creates a slight sense of aspiration when stimulating the clitoris”. Michael Lenke invented something that would revolutionize a women's personal experience. His intention was to create something for clitoral stimulation and orgasm, while other sex toys focused on stimulating the vagina. He also instilled a unique function for each device. Here are the models and we will give details on a few.

Womanizer Pro                       Womanizer 2GO                    Womanizer Pro 40

Womanizer Plus                      Womanizer Starlet                  Womanizer IO

The Womanizer 2GO

Like all these custom sex toys, this one uses the Womanizer's famous pleasure air technology in a special way. This model features a very discreet lipstick design with a cap for your personal hygiene and protection. A specially designed silicone head offers the user contactless stimulation of the clitoris with 6 intensity levels of vibrating air flow. The other benefits are that it is USB rechargeable (see our article on High Tech Toys), of course cord included, continuously runs for 2 hours on a full charge, switches off automatically after running for 30 minutes, and is waterproof for extra enjoyment.

The Womanizer Plus 

Plus size bodies are capable of so much pleasure! However, there are not many pleasure products created specifically for plus size bodies. At Mynitetimefun, we believe everyone should have their personal pleasure device or product. We are always looking for good quality adult sex toys even for curvy women. The Womanizer Plus is designed for women who have difficulty reaching their clitoris.  Have no fear, the Womanizer Plus is here.

Womanizer IO

A new product, “IO” standing for “InsideOut”, is just what it means and we proudly sell them at To make sure your love games do not end too quickly, there are 2 aspects to this sextoy which can be controlled separately. First you can start with the vibrator and activate the clitoral stimulation later. The IO is also a hands-free design so, you can use those somewhere else. It also has an additional clitoral stimulator placed on the side. With this vibrator, women can reach an orgasm by stimulating only the clitoris. It is designed specifically for the complex anatomy of a women so that the clitoral stimulator is in the right position to achieve the desired result…a clitoral orgasm. The Womanizer IO has a very flexible shape and it snuggles against the body.


Starlet is the latest addition to the Womanizer product line and we at Mynitetimefun believe it is perfect for beginners. The Womanizer Starlet is a small and easy to use at the touch of a button. In addition, you can personally control the 4 levels of sexual intensity. Plus the Lenke couple, as we mentioned before, do extensive market analysis to understanding the needs of women and couples so, they are sure to satisfy both parties. They are currently working on developing a sex toy for men so that they can also take advantage of the "Womanizer Experience." However, because of the different anatomy of the male genitals, it's not as easy to produce a product as unique. With clients all over the world and all social categories, the interest in the one of a kind sensation of the Womanizer is not limited to age, country, etc. The “Air Pleasure” technology is a revolution in the sex toy market and that is why we at opted in to become authorized dealers for this amazing product. It is not just a vibrator, but a game changer. A new experience that everyone should try.

The need and response to new innovations is in high demand an on line adult toy stores have seen the results. Also, sextoy users becoming more sophisticated and willing to spend more on a better product which has resulted in luxury sex toy market is growing so rapidly. And to the business mind moving forward, this goes hand in hand with the further development of past technology and products to more revolutionary ideas. This reflects the growth of the sex toy market in general, and we want to be your source for inspiring and courageous designs in adult sex toys.