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Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools

Tom of Finland pleasure tools are sold by My Nite Time Fun. Most of these products are a historic line of eroticism deriving inspiration from Tom’s iconic depictions of virile men. With these collections of collars, cuffs, lubricants, anal toys, and other accessories inspired by the artist’s paintings, fans can live out their fantasies. Tom’s work is among the most widely known pieces. He was the pioneer of positive, powerful, and confident depictions of homosexuality in the 20th Century. His work appeals to both genders and people of different lifestyles, where he focuses mostly on men depicted in exaggerated sexual traits that present homosexuality in a confident yet powerful attitude.

Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools are an incredible match to Tom of Finland’s legacy. They are one of a kind physical transformation of his artwork. Every element of the Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools, ranging from design to packaging has been made to reflect every aspect of the artist’s appeal. They have also been made into real art pieces that are so detailed to the extent that they could be saved for collection purposes. Just like Tom illustrations, the products are playfully and cheekily packaged to maintain the artistic look and the hyper masculinity in them. There was considerable amount of thought that went into the marketing model and product design to come up with the high quality product that is the amazing line of sex toys and accessories.

Most of Tom of Finland pieces have gained him the reputation of a gay icon. His line shifts attention to eroticism that made his work very popular during and after his lifetime. A very noticeable line is the hand-made version of Kake’s Cock, one of the biggest penises ever made by Tom of Finland. It is also available in form of a collector’s piece that fans can enjoy as an interactive piece of erotic art for their private collection. Its famous shape led to the creation of a physical object of pleasure made of solid gunmetal-grey silicone. A number of Tom of Finland pleasure tools are discussed below. On you will find products such as:

The Tom of Finland Single Speed Silicone Med Butt Plug is the leading ground breaker in pleasure. It is an anal plug made of premium silicone that allows no water in and features powerful vibrations. It measures 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches in length. 4.5 inches of the total length are insertable. You only require one AAA battery pack to have it powered and ready. It is offered in a black color version.

The Tom of Finland Silicone P-Spot Vibe (Black) is a prostate massager that features an ergonomic design and powerful vibrations. It measures 6 inch in length and is also powered by one AAA battery.

Tom of Finland XXL Silicone Plug (Black) is a premium piece that features a suction cup for hands free play. Its dimensions are 6.75 in. length, 2.5 in. diameter, and 6 in. that is insertable. To add a light touch of style it is packaged together with a Tom of Finland dog tag.

Tom of Finland Toms 12 in. TPR Cock is another line in the mix. It is a massive 13 inch shaft. Its textures are realistically hand made from original Tom of Finland art with inclusion of a slightly arched shaft and a smooth cock head. It comes in a 2.5 inch diameter.

Tom of Finland Fisting Cream:

This cream has the relaxation effect for the anus to allow easy penetration. It bears ultra-lubrication and slight numbing effects.

Tom of Finland Desensitizing Oral Spray:

This is a numbing formula that contains benzocaine and is designed for fellatio purposes.

Tom of Finland Stroker Sheath (Frosted Clear):

This is a stretchy ribbed and ultra-soft TPR stroker that contains an easy grip exterior and a ball strap. It has a smooth appearance and an open end for easy clean up and maximum pleasure for all sizes. It is styled up with a dog tag.

Tom of Finland Silicone Based Lubricant:

This is an attractive metal bottle that holds a convenient pump top to dispense the appropriate amount. It is easily cleaned off using water and soap and leaves no stickiness.

Tom of Finland Neoprene Locking Collar (Black):

This is yet another amazing collar that has a D-ring attached to its front. It is also comfortable and adjustable. It is packaged together with two keys and a lock and measures 2.5 inches wide by 18.5 inches length.

You can access all varieties here:

Other varieties of the Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools line include marked puppy labels and bolts, which fans can wear or show on their duffel bags, influencing this item into a celebration of the community and additionally an open door for pleasure. Keep it individual or speak out about your purchase with pride. Couples might prefer keeping the labels as endowments, or leftovers of wanted blessing, to their accomplice. Who doesn't care for bondage things for Christmas?

The organization likewise predicts that Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools will move buyers' fantasies in a similar way to which Tom of Finland's illustrations will proceed to do for years. My Nite Time Fun gives the most sought after and elusive brands in the fetish and BDSM categories.